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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Shinjin is freedom from death

Meeting with Amida Buddha after
being born in the Pure Land at the end of life

Some say that we, nembutsu followers, live our daily life in a permanent obsession with death. But I say we live a life of relaxation and gratitude because the greatest matter of death and afterlife has already been solved for us by Amida Buddha.

We know we are free not only of the consequences of death which follows the end of this life, but of all deaths and rebirths of samsaric existence. We know that nobody we love in this life, or we have loved in the innumerable lives of the past, will ever be separated from us by death, because we’ll save them all once we attain Buddhahood in the Pure Land of Amida. So, how can faith (shinjin) in Amida be called „obsession with death”, when true FREEDOM is its natural consequence!

Old dwellers and newly born in the Pure Land
dance with joy and express their gratitude to Amida

Namo Amida Butsu!
May you all have a meaningful  Obon!
May all beings solve the matter of afterlife through faith in Amida Buddha!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

The meaning of Obon (festival of the dead 14th-15th August)

When someone died very young a few years ago everybody was astonished. How could this happen? Why her? She was so young!
This is how every family reacts when a younger member dies suddenly.

Death looks like a thief entering unexpectedly with dirty boots in your room.
People are always taken by surprise. Even you, the reader of these lines, might be shocked if the doctor would tell you that you have cancer and only 3 months to live. Even me, the writer, might react in the same manner.
Why is that? Because for us death does not exist, it is something that always happens to somebody else or which is scheduled to take place some other time in the far future.